Chinese Medical Qigong

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Soubor:Chinese Medical Qigong
Autor:Tianjun Liu, Kevin Chen
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Qigong qi gong chi kung or chi gung is a millenniaold system of coordinated bodyposture and movement breathing and meditation used for the purposes of health spirituality and martialarts training. Chinese Medical Qigong known as Qigong Study in Chinese Medicine in China is the third edition of the only official textbook of medical Qigong used in colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine TCM in China. Long Hu Shan or the DragonTiger Mountain is home to the Qing Cheng Shan monastery and dozens of . Medical Qigong relies heavily on Chinese 5 Element Theory meridians and acupressure the important balance of the yin and yang as well as other ancient Chinese medical knowledge about the .

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Chinese ―Maki Burk, Bavaria
Medical ―Terrelle Ditmars, Baden-Württemberg
Qigong ―Desiderio Blick, Höchstädt an der Donau
Chinese ―Gunnhild Shortz, Eschwege
Chinese ―Akosua Laur, Teltow

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